However, this paper argues that these policies have failed to deliver in terms of establishing an equitable, socially-inclusive and discrimination-free working environment for Malaysian PwDs. These disability education. The existing Disability Act 2008 should be revised to address the challenges and issues highlighted in this paper. This paper discusses about perspectives of Job Coaches of one organisation in southern region of Malaysia in enhancing participation of PWDs in the employment market. Crucially, this study also highlights some of the key challenges faced by Malaysian people with disabilities, such as discrimination and exploitation at work. Overview: The importance of workplace diversity has been recognized as a critical element of organizational success. Kajian Malaysia; 31(1): 37–55. Data were collected through interviews conducted with them. 31/52), Highway Code 1959 and Compendium of Personal Injury Awards. People generally tend to perceive persons with disabilities (PWDs) as "risky hires," thus denying PWDs jobs for which they are qualified and capable of doing. To people with disability (PWD), diversity at the work place is a means of inclusivity. The establishment of the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) centre is one of the efforts made towards the people with disabilities. Past research suggests that managers’ intentions to hire PWD are affected by public policy, attitudes, and organizational diversity climate; yet, research also recognizes a discrepancy between managers’ expressed attitudes and intentions and actual hiring. In (Ed. The emerging importance of the role and future of PwDs in society is necessitated by a paradigm shift from a ‘charity’ to a ‘human rights’ approach. Job applicants with Persons with Disabilities in Indonesia: Empirical Facts and Implications for Social Protection Policies x Foreword In 2006, the United Nations issued a Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Results: This paper argues that integrating people with disabilities into the mainstream workforce should be the way forward, given that they are a pool of untapped human resources. This paper highlights the legal framework available in Malaysia that offer for safeguarding the PWDs’ rights, interests and wellbeing, with particular focus is given to the area of employment. These teachers are registered and classified as either legally blind or partially sighted by the Malaysian Social Welfare Department. Employing People With Disabilities in the Taiwanese Workplace : 54.,,, 500. measure for rating employers' impressions of job applicants' employability with respect to 22 key employment-related traits. The topics retrieved from various databases such as Elsevier, Wiley, and local journals are varied and come from multi disciplines. It explores the skills and psychological traits needed by people with disabilities in order to get jobs and the barriers to their employment. To achieve its target of becoming a high income country in 2020, Malaysia has taken an initiative to adoptThe Incheon Strategy to Make the Right Real for PWDs in Asia and the Pacific which comprises 10 goals, 27targets and 62 indicators to address the issues of social justice and social rights regardless of race, religion anddisabilities. pension systems as it is unwaged work and can lead to serious adverse financial impacts on women undertaking this role. The results identified four main reasons that led to hiring, including personal experience relating to people with disabilities, economic concerns, charitable perspectives, and policy implications. The worldwide problems of disability, poverty, and unemployment stem out of the interaction of multiple factors including social stigma, stereotypes, lack of access to physical infrastructure, information, and enabling environments. All rights reserved. Employers were asked to rate the job applicants' suitability for employment in a hypothetical administrative assistant position. contributors to the small number of persons with disabilities in employment in Malaysian, government sector. Implications of the study to the organisation in particular and to the general public at large are also examined and to be considered in order to ensure PWDs' inclusion in the workplace and their well-being could be continuously and effectively promoted. Therefore, this study was carried out to identify the rights of PWDs under the Persons with Disabilities Act 2008 and its practice in the state of Perlis. In Malaysia's attempt to move the rights of PWDs to the forefront of socio-economic policies, the Laws of Malaysia Act 685 (Persons with Disabilities Act 2008) have called for a switch to a "(human) rights-based" approach that advocates better provision of employment opportunities and accessibility by employers towards PWDs. Results of the study revealed that there are ten key points shared by these Job Coaches in helping PWDs to secure employment and increase their participation in the work setting. Disability and Employment. Disability in Malaysia refers to the people with disability in Malaysia (Malay: Orang Kurang Upaya or OKU).As of 2007, there are 197,519 people in Malaysia with various category of disability. The word “disable” (“dis-"to do the opposite of" + able"to be fitting or capable”) just means the lack of ability to do something. Those efforts are to ensure that the people with disabilities can become self-manageable and involve themselves in the working environment. Six months later, 146 of these professionals reported on their hiring behaviors. Khoo SL, Tiun LT, Lee LW (2013). The employment rate of PWD in Malaysia is very unsatisfactory compared to those who are without disabilities. The employment rate of PWD in Malaysia is very unsatisfactory compared to those The main purpose of this research is to develop an online application that assists the committee members of the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) centre to help the people with disabilities to find job. According to Yong (2001), about 3,000 persons with physical disabilities are employed in the private sector and 540 in the public sector in Malaysia. The absence of the legislative mand. Fact Sheet 1 Employment of persons with disabilities. other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) focuses on helping Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in securing employment in the workplace. Miles, M., Huberman, A. S. J., & Saldana, J. The lack of one’s ability to carry out responsibilities and function as a productive member of society may be caused by the person’s current … Keywords: disability concepts, labor market, employment, health sector, employer attitudes